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Rugs on Sale – The Story Behind

While is committed to unexceptional quality, we like many other brands do come up with various sale and promotions to create brand awareness and win customer trust and loyalty.
Our rugs are put on sale for various reasons. Here are some common reasons why our rugs might be discounted or put on sale:
1. Seasonal Sales: often have seasonal sales to clear out inventory and make room for new stock. This can happen at the end of a season when we want to sell off items that may not be as popular in the upcoming season.
2. Promotional Events: We may have promotional events, such as holiday sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other special occasions. During these events, we offer discounts to attract more customers and boost sales.
3. Clearance Sales: We might put our rugs on sale as part of a clearance event to get rid of discontinued or outdated styles. This helps us make space for new arrivals and prevents overstock.
4. Overstock: Sometimes, we have too much inventory, leading to overstock. To reduce the excess inventory quickly, we may offer discounts or put items on sale.
5. Special Discounts or Coupons: We may offer special discounts or coupons for rugs as part of our marketing strategy. This could be to reward loyal customers, promote a new line of products and attract new customers.
6. Flash Sales: We frequently have flash sales, where items are offered at a significant discount for a short period. This encourages customers to make a quick purchase and help us to work on theory of “Very Less Profit but More Sales” on selected product.
7. Customer Loyalty Programs: We may offer sale on rugs as part of a customer loyalty program. Repeat customers or those who have accumulated loyalty points may be eligible for special pricing.
8. Market Conditions: Economic factors, market trends, or changes in consumer preferences can also influence pricing. We may adjust prices, including putting items on sale, to stay competitive in the market.
We advise customers to keep an eye out for sales and promotions on our website if they are in the market for rugs, as you can often find good deals during these events.