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Collection: Cloud - Plush Pile Washable Rugs

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Experience Easy Maintenance and Unmatched Comfort with Our Cloud Power-Loomed Rug

  1. Hassle-free Upkeep: Enjoy stress-free maintenance with our machine-washable rugs, designed to retain their lavish texture even after numerous washes. Simply pop it in the washing machine and it's as good as new.
  2. Worry-free and Easy to Clean: Our rug is designed to be accident-proof, making clean-ups after spills or pet mishaps a breeze. Plus, with a 2-year product warranty and an easy 30-day returns policy, you're guaranteed peace of mind.
  3. Luxury at Your Feet: Experience unmatched comfort underfoot with our Cloud Power-Loomed Rug. Ideal for relaxation, it offers a cosy and luxurious feel after a long day.
  4. Pet-friendly Durability: Specially designed for pet owners, our rug ensures durability and requires minimal maintenance. It can withstand daily wear and tear, proving to be a practical yet stylish addition to any home.