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Terms and Conditions for warranty

The Rug Collective warrants (to the original purchaser) that our area rugs will be free from any material or manufacturing fault or defect which would prevent our area rugs from giving satisfactory service for a period of one year from the date it is delivered. This does not apply to final sale items.

If a manufacturing defect has been identified upon receiving your rug or develops during the warranty period, The Rug Collective will refund, replace, or give credit for the damaged rug, at its sole discretion, without charge. In instances of minor defects or damage (to be determined by our in-house inspectors), we may offer a partial refund.  

To file a warranty claim on a TRC rug, simply contact us at The original receipt is required for proof of purchase. Please include this as well as photos and details of the fault you are claiming.

This warranty is valid for a period of up to one year from the date of delivery. This warranty shall not apply to defects first notified to The Rug Collective in writing more than one year after delivery to the original purchaser. If The Rug Collective replaces your rug under this limited warranty, the remaining portion of the warranty period will be based on your original purchase date.

If replacement is warranted, we will provide a rug of equal value if the identical rug is unavailable. 

This limited warranty does not include the area rug’s overlocking or fringe and specifically excludes any damage to the area rug caused by normal or extraordinary wear and tear, commercial use, improper maintenance, or any damage caused by factors not inherent in the area rug at the time of purchase. Material and manufacturing defects will be determined by an Authorized TRC Inspector.

This is a limited warranty and contains specific exclusions and limitations.

Warranty Limitations and Exclusions

The warranties extended on The Rug Collective rugs are intended for the protection of the initial purchaser and are not transferable to any other party.

This warranty is only applicable to indoor rugs that are placed indoors, and rugs placed in environments maintained at normal temperature and humidity (e.g., excess heat has not been applied to the rug). This warranty will not cover any condition resulting from problems caused by wetting or the persistence of moisture. It does not cover tears, burns, cuts, pulls, or other damage, deterioration, stain, loss of color or appearance caused by abuse, improper or inadequate maintenance. 

Abnormal Wear and Accidents: This warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse or accidents, such as staining, soiling, burning, flooding, cutting or spilling; damage caused by pets; or damage caused by improper cleaning methods and materials. It does not cover products placed in use on stairs, ramps, or any area regularly subjected to wheeled or rolling apparatuses. Occasional sprouting pulls, or loss of single tufts of fiber or threads is normal and should be trimmed with sharp scissors. 

Changes in Area Rug Color: This warranty does not cover changes in area rug color resulting from external causes, such as fading due to spills of household chemicals and other non-food and non-beverage substances.

Differences of Color Variations:  We do not cover minor and normal differences between color and texture from specification samples or website images.

Shading or Pile Pressure We are not responsible for shading or pile pressure which may affect pile fabrics due to varying weight and traffic on or over your area rug’s surface during use. We are not responsible for damage caused by failure to use protective chair pads under chairs with roller coasters.

Fold marks are caused by folding the rug for shipment but will normally disappear over time. Carefully folding your rug in the opposite direction will minimize this problem, and it should disappear after a few weeks. 

Use Of Topical Treatments: Warranty will be void if topical treatments are used. Topical treatments include, but are not limited to, any aftermarket soil, stain, or insect repellents.

While our rugs are stain-resistant and durable, no rug is impermeable. Cleaning and caring for your rug regularly is vital to maintaining the long-term appearance of your rug.